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Gabrielino Tribe

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The Gabrielinos main foods came from the sea. They ate many kinds of fish like tuna, swordfish, sharks, shellfish, sea mammals, sea birds, mussel and salmon. The homes of the Gabrielino were made by placing poles upright in a circle and bending them in to meet in the middle.The frame work of poles was covered with bundles of tule reeds. They killed the animals to make fur and food. They wrote using shells. They were famous for their canoes. Gabrielinos thought red paint was powerful. The Gabrielinos lived on the coast where Los Angeles is today. The Gabrielino women would wear aprons and deerskin.Children and men would sometimes wear no clothes. The Gabrielino would hold ceremonies in a certain place. The biggest ceremony is about when people died over the year. They would trade shells, berries,bones, and fish.Their tools were needles and stone spear heads.They made baskets plates, and trays.This is our paragraph.