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Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad

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The name of my mission is called Nuestra Senora De La Soledad. It is in Soledad near Monterey. It was founded on October 9,1791 by Father Fermin Lasuen. Other interesting facts about my mission is Father Lasuen dedicated the site to "the Solitude of Most Holy Mary,Our Lady''. It was a dry windy plain that was very hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter nights.

The name of the tribe that was at the mission was Salinan which is like Costanoan. Salinan were near the coast of Monterey. Before coming to the mission the Salinan used tar for sealing their canoes. Other interesting facts about the Salinan is some of the foods the Salinan ate were acorns, pine nuts, cherries, seeds, berries, deer, and small game. The Salinan lived in villages along the California coast, near where Monterey is today.

At the mission the crops were bountiful and large herds of horses,cattle, and sheep grazed the plains. During a reconstruction in 1832 there was a third flood. The mission closed when the Mexican government took over control of the mission in 1834. In 1954 the mission was restored. Today tourists visit the mission.